Adult Costumes
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  • AdultMen1_126c9ae3

Costume with burgundy skirt

Royal blue skirt, man’s short sleeved shirt and black vest

Red skirt, man’s long sleeved shirt and red vest

Back and front of men’s black and red vests

All ladies & girls Czech Kroj are hand made and hand embroidered by local residents. They are decorated with colorful braid, eyelet or lace trim, and hand embroidery. A complete outfit includes blouse, apron, skirt, and black vest.

Ladies’ separates available include:

  • Embroidered blouse and apron sets
  • Embroidered blouse
  • Plain blouse (currently two styles)
  • Embroidered apron
  • Skirts (red, burgundy, royal blue, navy blue, and black)
  • Black vests available decorated with red or gold trim

Mens’ separates available include:

  • Long sleeved shirts trimmed with colorful braid and eyelet
  • Short sleeved shirts trimmed with colorful braid
  • Vests available in red or black decorated with red or gold trim


Adult Costume Detail
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  • Adult8_f08fd8ed

Hand embroidered blouse sleeves

Hand embroidered aprons

Skirts of several colors

Men’s decorated long sleeves



Youth Costumes
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  • YouthDetail_94c4d9d4
  • Youth2_260d8ca7
  • Youth3_4b831076

Girls’ outfit includes blouse, apron, skirt, and black vest. Skirts are available in red and royal blue ages 2-4 and also in burgundy ages 6-16.

Girls’ outfit with boys red vest (also available in black)

Girls dressed in Czech costumes



Toddler Costumes
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  • Toddler2_0672efc3
  • Toddler3_00ab5f09
  • Toddler4_3ca752b1

Boys vest and complete toddler costume

Two toddler costumes

Hand embroidered aprons



Infant Costumes
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  • InfantDetail_64577095
  • Infant3_34bcbe63
  • Infant4_66f9ef5f

Doll in onezies and baby headband

Boy & girl onezies available in several sizes

Onezies decorated in several colors

Boys’ onezies showing front and back of vest

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  • baby2_ed480298

Girls size 1-2